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Letter to Santa Set


First Name and Surname

Separate each name with a comma (,). Enter “none” if no brother

Enter “none” if no sister

Postal address as it would appear on an envelope addressed to the child

You can enter creche name or enter if they are at a childminders etc. Please specify if not a school.
Enter “none” if there are not any

You can enter names of minders at creche or childminders etc. Please specify if not a teacher.
Enter “none” if there are not any

Enter any other information that you would like to appear, we will fit in as much as we can.
Examples: Pets, Best Friends, Significant Achievement to be proud of in the last year etc.
Enter “none” if there is nothing else to be added

Get your child’s Christmas off to a magical start with our letter to Santa set.
  • 2 x Personalised Letters to Santa (because we all know they make mistakes with the first one)
  • 1 x Personalised Letter from Santa to child
  • 1 x Personalised Envelope to child
  • 1 x Personalised Bar from Santa to child
  • 1 x Personalised Official Nice Boy / Girl Calendar with stars
  • 1 x Personalised Letter from Santa to child with authentic Wax Seal to be delivered with child’s gifts Christmas Morning
Start out by giving the child the letters to Santa for them to write. Ensure the letter makes it’s way to the North Pole
After the letter has been sent to Santa (ideally before start of December), they will receive the personalised envelope in the mail containing: A reply letter from Santa (NOT the letter with the wax seal), a personalised Nice Boy / Girl calendar with stars and a chocolate bar.
On Christmas Morning, the child will find another personalised letter from Santa (the one with the wax seal) amongst their presents or under their pillow etc.
A Letter Set is designed for 1 Child only. We do not offer combined set as the elements of each set are for 1 child only (We will gladly mention brother/sister in the main reply letter from Santa but that is only place in set where reference is made to other child/children) If you would like a custom design please contact us on info@enchanted.ie and we can give you the prices for edits .


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