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Luxury Letter from Santa Set


First Name and Surname

Separate each name with a comma (,). Enter “none” if no brother

Separate each name with a comma (,). Enter “none” if no sister

You can enter creche name or enter if they are at a childminders etc. Please specify if not a school.
Enter “none” if there are not any

You can enter names of minders at creche or childminders etc. Please specify if not a teacher.
Enter “none” if there are not any

Enter any other information that you would like to appear, we will fit in as much as we can.
Examples: Pets, Best Friends, Significant Achievement to be proud of in the last year etc.
Enter “none” if there is nothing else to be added

Get your child’s Christmas off to a magical start with our letter from Santa set.
Introducing our Reindeer Magic Letter and Nice List Certificate Set. This set is presented wrapped in a beautiful glitter band. It is designed to be placed on the mantlepiece, sent directly to your child by magic Santa mail! (no envelope with this set)
  • 1 x Personalised Letter from Santa to child
  • 1 x Personalised Nice List Certificate (DL Size)
  • 1 x luxury glitter wrap (Letter and Certificate slip into this)
A Letter Set is designed for 1 Child only. We do not offer combined set as the elements of each set are for 1 child only (We will gladly mention brother/sister in the main reply letter from Santa but that is only place in set where reference is made to other child/children) If you would like a custom design please contact us on info@enchanted.ie and we can give you the prices for edits .


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